Wissembourg, Alsace, France: Pâtissière Rebert

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A quiet ten-minute stroll from home takes us to the center of Wissembourg, a tiny and picturesque town with more pâtissières than one could imagine.

Of these patisseries, the star and center of town is Pâtissière Rebert, a local gem with a pastry chef who comes via Lenôtre in Paris. The first thing you’ll notice is the prices. In Paris, the sweets ranged from 6-10€ for a single dessert, but here the prices were between 3-5€. It starts to add up when you’re eating multiple pastries a day ;)

Though the prices may be lower, there is no sacrifice in quality and atmosphere. Inside, high ceilings and glass cases filled with chocolates and wicked delicious bonbons to the right. And on the left, a rainbow of sweets and cakes with éclairs presented front and center, and savory pastries further into the store. It’s a tea salon as well, with both indoor and outdoor seating. A perfect way to devour a slow summer afternoon.

The pâtissière is rich with tarts, clafoutis and millie-feuilles, but the signature sweet is the…

….éclair, which comes in coffee, vanilla, and chocolate. Coffee is my favorite of the trio and it is sinfully indulgent, the buttery coffee crème pâtissière heady and intense as an espresso, just piped tight into the choux pastry shell. So fresh.

At the very center of the appropriately named Royal, is crunchy and nutty sweet feuillantine praliné cocooned by a buttery chocolate mousse. Almond macaron serves as the base. Creamy, crunchy and crisp – a little of all textures bound by dark chocolate.

We ate so many Mille-Feuilles on this holiday that I can barely keep track of them all. Pierre loves them because they are the “most buttery and least sweet” of desserts, and I’d have to agree. The strawberry version from Pâtissière Rebert features a strawberry-soaked génoise tucked between vanilla bean custard and sweet berries on top. Fresh is key when it comes to mille-feuilles lest you risk the chance of soggy puff pastry.

And for an afternoon stroll (on the single warm day of our visit ;) what could be better than a just-dipped ice cream bar of vanilla ice cream with chocolate and crushed almonds on the outside? They also do a beautiful strawberry ice cream dipped in pistachio glaze, but the classic pairing of vanilla + chocolate just seemed to good to pass up. Hope everyone is having a good start to the week!

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