Le Palais des Thés: Bruit de Palais

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The most enjoyable part of packing for vacation (for me at least ;), is planning what reading material to bring for the flight and down time on the trip itself. For our visit to China in June I had Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table and Guy Kawasaki’s Enchantment tucked in the suitcase. Both proved to be great learning tools.

But for Paris and Alsace next week I have a few issues of Bruit de Palais, a in-house magazine from Le Palais des Thés. Once you purchase €80 of their teas in a calender year, you become part of the loyalty program. The program involves discounts on future purchase, gifts, and some pretty neat exclusive offers. But the coolest part…

…are these monthly magazines. It’s the type of magazine I would eagerly buy off the newsstands if only they were sold there. Each issue has a theme, focusing just as much on teaware as tea itself.

Think stories on Japanese cast-iron tea pots or linking tea and Chinese ceramics. Think tea recipes – ideas on how to incorporate tea into everyday cooking, and degustation and brewing notes on selection teas, both pure and blends.

Equal parts history, eye-candy, and research, I keep all the magazines on my bookshelf. The thick matte pages are too gorgeous to throw out! Understandably, there’s a bit of product promotion, but done so in a way that makes it not pushy but informative.

As a bonus, they’re super light, so that just means I can pack more reading material into my suitcase ;)

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