China: Snapshots from Hefei

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More photos from China today – enjoy! Just few of my favorite shots from Hefei. I’ve been organizing all the photos we took from three separate cameras (dad’s camera, sister’s camera, and my own) and it’s taking up quite a bit of time. I guess that’s what Saturday nights are for right? Thank goodness mom didn’t bring a camera too. Hope the week is off to a great start for everyone.

Dropping a ‘lucky’ turtle into the ponds of Mount Jiuhau. We took a seriously cheesy family photo with all four of us holding the turtle together…but let’s keep that in the private files ;)

Deep-fried and salted young bamboo roots. More crunch than chew, a great beer snack.

My favorite dish from our “mock meat” lunch. This is pork belly (fat included) all made out of tofu and wheat gluten.

More tea. Remember, your teeth are the strainers!

A misty afternoon.

Regional dessert specialty – peanut oil and sesame cookies.

Preserved duck eggs with peppers. Served in a vinegar and shoyu bath.

The puffy white balls are tofu, but a creamy and light version I haven’t had elsewhere. Braised with broccoli, eggplant and pork balls. A very cozy dish devoured on the one rainy day we had in Hefei.

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