Hefei, China: Sesame-Peanut Cookies and Fluffy Cakes

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[Am currently in Washington DC for the 2011 Summer Fancy Food Show, but wanted to share nibbles and adventures from the rest of my China trip. Hope the week is off to a great start for everyone!]

In Hefei, a small city located within the Anhui province of China, the local sweet/dessert specialty are these sesame-speckled cookies. The cookies are fattened from a combination of both peanut and sesame oil, making them incredibly fragrant with a rich, crumbly texture.

They come from a local sweet shop where lines are out the door at all hours. Luckily, our friend offered to take charge of the cookie pick-up while we were getting massages at a nearby spa, hehehe ^-^

Mini-versions are available as well. The original size cookies are speckled in black sesame seeds while the mini ones have toasty white sesame seeds. Single biters, just drop ’em in your mouth.

Purchased by the pound! I thought this was a bit excessive, but somehow my sister and I finished it all. They’re not crunchy, but crumbly-crisp, just melting in your mouth like ahhh. Seriously made for a hot cup of green tea.

Fluffy oval cakes are the other specialty, also sold by weight. Unlike the steamed sponge cakes we often see in Chinese bakeries here in the US, these were more structured, and the surface don’t “peel off” the way they do with the steamed cakes…

…but they are equally moist and fluffy!

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