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Good morning. Shall we start the day with Nespresso and Chocolate Macarons*?

We have guests at the apartment fairly often and I’ve been searching for the ideal coffee/tea serving tray. Something lightweight, no fuss and simple. The thing is, the simpler the object you’re looking for, chances are, the harder it is to find. Serving trays with patterns and knickknacks are found in abundance. But something clean and to the point? Not so easy.

And that’s when Nespresso, with their new Ritual Collection came in to save the day. Primarily known for espresso/coffee machines and rainbow of espresso pods, Nespresso also happens to make a pretty awesome line of serving-ware. And that’s the part I’m interested in. The Ritual Collection offers a range of accessories including a two-pack set (one large and one small) of laminate oak plywood serving trays. I have the large one pictured above, and we’ve been using it both with and without guests around. Makes breakfast and afternoon tea time so much prettier and organized. They tray is light and even after spilling espresso all over the surface, clean up was easy (however not so easy on our white carpet shhh ;).

As for the small tray? I save that one for really lazy days…for when we have espresso in bed. These espresso cups and saucer are also part of the Ritual Collection. They have five sizes ranging from ristretto to mug size, but lungo (the middle size) works best for our all-purpose needs. Again clean and simple, no patterned designs, excessive color or visible logos – exactly what we were looking for.

We were gifted the new Nespresso Pixie machine earlier this year and Pierre is crazy about it. When we visited friends/family in France, nearly every kitchen was outfitted with a Nespresso machine. I had no clue it was that popular in Europe (though Nespresso stores at seemingly every corner should have been a giveaway sign). Our initial set came with one of every espresso pod flavor, but Pierre already knew which were “his flavors,” green and gold. Each sleeve come with ten pods which lasts him precisely one week: Saturday to Saturday.

So every Saturday when we stroll down to In Pursuit of Tea (iced matcha for me) and Surf Saturdays (iced lattes for him), we stop at the Soho Nespresso shop for another sleeve. And though it would be more time efficient to buy a bunch of sleeves in one visit, it’s become a nice weekend routine. Go upstairs past the cafe, and a saleswoman will offer you try an espresso. They pop the pod in the store demo machine and brew a cup, serve it proper with a dark chocolate square and sugar on the side.

And then we stroll up Mercer Street, home five minutes later. Little routines like this, as simple (or pointless ;) as they may be, make weekends all the more special.

*Chocolate Macarons are from La Maison du Chocolat’s new Summer 2011 collection. A cocoa shell with milk chocolate ganache and notes of biscuits and honey. Fingers crossed they add it to their permanent rotation of flavors – this one is a winner.

  • K and S
    June 5, 2011

    sounds like great weekends!

  • anonymous
    June 5, 2011

    Beautiful trays. I, too, am on the hunt for more simplistic serving accessories. Love the bamboo-like look to it. Thanks for sharing Kathy!

  • anonymous
    June 5, 2011

    That looks like a fun kitchen gadget :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    June 5, 2011

    It really is, Kat! ^_^Hi ML! Thanks – glad you like it as well! So hard to find something all simple, light and affordable at the same time!Hi Stephanie! We've been using it daily heheh ^_^

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