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…for the week at Serious Eats and Serious Eats: New York.

5 Matcha Sweets We Love

A Sandwich a Day: Croque Madame at Buvette

Sugar Rush: Jams by Christine Ferber at Epicerie Boulud

Slurping Nata de Coco at Saint’s Alp Teahouse, NYC

Sugar Rush: Red Bean Butter Toast at Cha-An

Sugar Rush: Desserts at Tiny’s and the Bar Upstairs

Cheese for Breakfast: Nettle Meadow Maple Walnut Chevre

Milk Mustache: Drinkable Yogurts from Siggi’s

Lunch To-Go: Birdbath

Sugar Rush: Foie Gras for Dessert at Rouge et Blanc

  • anonymous
    June 4, 2011

    thanks for the rouge et blanc item. We live nearby and have never even heard of the place-it's sort of a weird location away from foot traffic. WIll try it-need to add to our neighborhood rotation.

  • Doreva
    June 4, 2011

    Hi,Your link to the Croque Madame is linking to the Matcha Sweets post.DeeBee

  • The Fashionably-Forward Foodie
    June 5, 2011

    loved the 5 matcha sweet article- i would love to try that ten ren matcha drink! and of course, the matcha marshmallows look delectable.i am also a huge croque madame fan, and yours topped with generous amounts of prisciutto look absolutely amazing. i also had to comment about the red bean butter toast. reminds me of the honey toast at shokudo, here at home! see it here-, cha-an must be popular- everything from there looks delicious!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    June 5, 2011

    Hi Phil and Lauren! Definitely give it a visit! Most of the kitchen staff come from Shang (on the LES) and are a talented group. Excellent (all French) wine list too ^_^Hi Doreva – thanks for letting me know, just made the change! :)Hi Kim! oh man, LOVE the Shokudo toast…that thing is amazing. Always on my to-eat list every visit home ^_^

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