Love Song by Mariage Frères and Veritas Macarons

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Good morning from a very cloudy and rainy NYC day. We’re getting my new desk set up (exciting) as well as a little tea cabinet for the apartment (even more exciting). Breakfast today is a pot of Love Song by Mariage Frères. This tea is part of their 2011 collection along with a few others. The traditional Mariage Frères packaging is classic but I do love the way they switch it up for new and seasonal collections. Always so colorful and sleek, you’d almost think it was a different company!

I was introduced to their tea in high school when a friend who I often afternoon tea’ed with gifted me the Mariage Frères Marco Polo tea for Christmas. She bought it from Neiman Marcus which was then the only place in Hawai’i which stocked Mariage Frères. It – Neiman Marcus included, all seemed so exotic at the time. The tea was an indulgence, so you could imagine how magical it felt when I visited their cafe in Paris with Pierre last fall. We’ll be back this year and partake in the full afternoon tea service.

One of the pleasures of waking up just a half an hour earlier that usual each day is the extra time it allows for a peaceful breakfast. Kettle on, a spoonful of loose leaf tea into the blue sky pot. And a few minutes later: breakfast. The Love Song comes in black and green tea versions. I prefer the black tea for Love Song simply because it holds up well to the strong flavors of almond (actual almond slices) and rose petals which are blended into the tea. The black tea Love Song is packaged in a pink canister, and the green tea in a blue canister, such a sight for the eyes!

And of course it is not breakfast without a bite on the side. Two fragrant vanilla bean macarons from the pastry chef, Emily Wallendjack who trained at Pierre Hermé. She certainly knows her macarons! A parting gift at Veritas where dinner yesterday began with a silky amuse of scallops and housemade lardo, lightly salted with rosemary. Did I mention that the mignardise plate also featured beautiful mini-saffron macarons and ispahan-inspired gelées?

Vavavavoom. Hope everyone has a good day!

43 E 20th Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 353-3700

Mariage Frères
Several locations in France, Germany, and Japan.
Dean & Deluca, the Tea & Honey Store, and McNulty’s in NYC carries various Mariage Frères teas but you’ll need to order online for the Love Song.


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