Paris: Les Fines Gueules

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This was my favourite meal in Paris. Les Fines Gueules.

The food was utterly fantastic, yes. But it was also the cozy, almost rustic setting, that special corner location near place des Victoires and the weather that particular day. Pouring, and I mean pouring rain outside, black skies and the craziest wind.

Big sweaters, black boots and a knitted scarf. A table for two and glasses of rose. May I stay here in Paris forever? First came a salad of vibrant, sweet and ripe Local Tomatoes simply outfitted in chunks of parmesan, olive oil, fleur de sel and black pepper. It was like Otto’s Heirloom Tomato salad gone minimalist and all grownup.

Then a dish of Boudin Noir Ravioli to share. Two luxurious pieces, bathed in a shallow bowl of finely seasoned Veal Broth. The pasta is housemade – silky and impressively thin, housing a meaty filling of boudin noir, the bold and creamy blood sausage offering faint, lingering notes of nutmeg.

And finally, the tender Filet de Cabillo. Oooh, you should have seen how the Cabillo skin peeled off the flaky fish, really, the most wonderful part, crisp with sprinkles of fleur de sel. A bed of steamed Mussels and Spinach, and foam – Parmesan for just the tiniest indulgence.

Cafe express to finish the meal as we waited out the rainstorm and vowed to make endless return visits. Next time, the steak tartare!

Les Fines Gueules
2, rue la Vrillière, 1st

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  • anonymous
    November 2, 2010

    Paris is one of my favorite spot. Love the culture specially there delicacies. YUM! the tomatoes, sea food, flaky goodness. You make me hungry=)

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