On Handbags. We Stop at 13.

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[Note: Super superficial, non-food related post. Stop reading if you don’t like handbags! ;)]

Yay, new bags time!! :)I moved to a new apartment two weeks ago. Three blocks south from my last place, still in the East Village. When moving, I had to do a handbag inventory count.

If I have one vice, it would be my addiction to acquiring luxury handbags.

I counted. One, two, three…fifteen, sixteen, seventeen…twenty-six, twenty-seven, twenty-eight. twenty-eight. That scared me a little. How on earth did I manage to accumulate TWENTY-EIGHT handbags in a bedroom too small to hold a bed any larger than twin??
Yay, new bags time!! :)The answer turned out to be obvious. A boyfriend with extra closet space.

Regardless, I had to downsize. I donated the “ordinary/beat-up bags“, and kept only the ones I would use on a regular basis. I trimmed and trimmed, and finally decided to:

– ship 2 “special bags” back to Hawai’i for use on my visits home
– keep 3 “everyday bags” in my apartment
– keep 5 “special bags” and 2 “everyday bags” at Monsieur P’s

From 28 to 12. I felt pretty proud of myself.

At Monsieur P’s we devoted a whole closet to the 7 bags I allotted myself. SOOOO superficial? Yes. As long as you can acknowledge that, it’s alright. After “downsizing” I felt light and rather happy, done away with the bags I didn’t use. 12 is all a lady really needs.

I was fine for a few weeks. But then I got an itch on this Tuesday morning. Phyllis called, “meet for lunch in Soho in an hour?” The answer was a definite ‘yes’.
Chanel Pony HairWell, lunch didn’t happen till three hours later, because we both scratched the itch and wound up with new handbags. A Mulberry for her, a Chanel (pony hair, pictured above) for me. Ahh it felt good to scratch!

Chanel Pony HairI have to confess that I always panic for a few minutes after every bag purchase, running through my head all the things I could have “better” done with that money: two macbooks, five meals at Per Se, three Leica dlux4 cameras, insurance, new eyeglasses, apartment rent!

But “better” is relative. And I have to say that I’ve never regretted a single bag purchase.
HandbagsI was back at Monsieur P’s later in the day, rearranging, making room for 8.

From Left.
Bottom Row: a Louis Vuitton from my grandmother (she’s had it since the 80s!); a Chanel my mom bought for my college graduation (fits files nicely, good for work).
Middle Row: a small Escada clutch (see it barely peeking out from the left, gift from my mom); a white leather Bally (light, carefree, weekend shopping appropriate), and then my new Chanel pony hair (so excited to use it!).
Top Row: JCrew, Banana Republic clutch (owned both these for years now, always reliable, the “everyday bags”); a big (gigantic, really) Chanel (you should see how much this bag holds, its mindboggling).

And so not 12, but 13. We’ll stop at lucky 13 in total.

  • anonymous
    August 11, 2010

    LOVE the collection! Purses are my weakness as well…I COMPLETELY understand your post!

  • anonymous
    August 11, 2010

    Ah, purses, shoes and make-up . . . my vices. :o)Thanks for the lighthearted post – I needed it after dealing with a not so pleasant reminder from the past.

  • Alessa
    August 11, 2010

    Oh shucks, the superficial gal in me wished those extra purses were a blog giveaway…sigh. I can have wishful thinking right?

  • Kathy YL Chan
    August 11, 2010

    Hi Taryn!Super glad to know I'm not alone. It's embarrassing how much time and money I devote to bags, hehe :)Hi Lalala!You're welcome – glad I could help!! Luckily bags are my only vices…I'm safe from makeup and shoes…for now at least! :DHi Alessa!Oooh haha I didn't even think of doing it as a blog giveaway, that would have been a good idea!! Next time, I promise! ^_^

  • anonymous
    August 11, 2010

    ahhh handbags and shoes….i love, love, love and great food too. This is great!! Life is good.

  • Euna
    August 11, 2010

    Wow all of your Chanel is so beautiful and classic! I have to admit my two weaknesses are handbags and good food too

  • Poncho Wearer
    August 11, 2010

    i want your closet (and what's in it).

  • food.overture
    August 11, 2010

    These are beautiful, Kathy! I especially love that black & white Chanel at the very top. Gorgeous! My weakness is watches…and plane tickets to far away lands. :-P

  • shann
    August 12, 2010

    oh man, did you throw out my parsons bag?

  • anonymous
    August 12, 2010

    I bought my mum a pony hair Chanel too!…..but I bought it from a stall in Bali and I bartered it down to $15….plus the pony hair felt more like feral dog hair…hang on a second.. ;)

  • anonymous
    August 12, 2010

    No Longchamps bag? Those seem to be all the rage.

  • anonymous
    August 14, 2010

    I really loved your blog. It appears that you have put a lot more work into it. I will keep your blog in my twitter so I can come back and see it again when it has some new information. nice blog

  • anonymous
    August 14, 2010

    Yup, handbags and shoes all the way! Though I'll admit that most of my money really goes to my first love – food! ;P

  • anonymous
    August 15, 2010

    A closet for your bags? Oh, the luxury! I don't have enough closet space for my clothes let alone a separate area for my handbags! My aunt has 5 Chanel purses that she has never used and they just sit in her closet. I am feverishly plotting away in hopes of coming up with a plan to inherit all of them. I'm sure you understand ;o)

  • anonymous
    August 21, 2010

    Interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about nice handbags. Thanks you.

  • Ridonkulus
    August 22, 2010

    drools (extremely jealous). i see it as a per use purchase. i used this bag, x amount days last year so really it's not that bad. make sure they don't get too lonely in that closet!

  • Elliot Stephens
    October 26, 2016

    Love Chanel, gorgeous stuff!

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