Prune: 1, 2, 3

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Friday night: Zubair and nothing but sweetbreads at Prune.
Saturday morning: brunch at Prune.
And then on Sunday evening, Zubair and I found ourselves once again drawn there, this time for a tasting of their 10th anniversary menu, with a side of bone marrow. I think we have a new favourite neighborhood spot ^_^

There are four seats at the bar, and we always sit at the two closest to the kitchen. Our favourite bartender is a incredibly sweet woman, she is awesome with the drinks and just stunning.

After our late Friday snack, we tucked away in bed, and woke up early the next morning. To start the day: Abraço. Drip coffee to go, a walk down to Russ & Daughters and then Prune.

We arrived as they opened for Saturday brunch and only had a brief 15 minute wait – not bad at all. We shared two entrees and a side order of housemade lamb sausages.

First up, steak and eggs – a 7 oz. prime dry-aged ribeye with parsley-shallot butter and two eggs, toasted English muffin and potatoes rosti…

…and an order of the Fried Oyster Omelette with Remoulade Sauce. And Tabasco + powdered sugar to dip on the side.

Take a peek inside ^_^

At brunch, licorice coins comes with the check. But during dinner you get chunks of Belgian chocolate.

Post-brunch, we spent the rest of Saturday running errands, knicks and knacks. I had dinner with Robyn, and we both went to the SWEET fest. And the next evening, after a day on the Upper East and West, we were back…
…this time for the special prix fixe dinner. We tacked on an order of bone marrow. Because. I tell you, that bone marrow is insane.
Love the marrow at Minetta Tavern, as well as Blue Ribbon’s version, but this is by far my favourite. Oysters and chocolate may be aphrodisiacs for some people, but it’s bone marrow that goes on my list :)
Then on to the prix fixe: monkfish liver with warm buttered toast…
…roasted beets aioli with their greens…
…braised rabbit in vinegar sauce…
…and finally…Breton Butter Cake and muscat.

::swoon:: ^_^

54 East 1st Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 677-6221

  • Gar
    October 14, 2009

    That's a lot of meat. :PDid the waitstaff recognize you? :)Is there any vegetarian option for brunch?

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 14, 2009

    Hey Gar!Hhaha, we love the meats!! ^_^ There's a bunch of vegetarian options – I've heard great things about the dutch style pancakes with pears…haven't had it myself, but it's on the agenda!

  • La Pastry Chef
    October 15, 2009

    Okay Kathy, those licorice coins are just too cute…

  • K and S
    October 15, 2009


  • kelly
    October 16, 2009

    Why do I look at this before I make dinner? Also, I checked out "Hawaii's Best Restaurants" for this year and it makes me want to go home and eat…will you be back for Christmas so we can eat ourselves to death?

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 16, 2009

    Erika!Heheh, aren't they??! :)Hey Kat!I'm been craving bone marrow nonstop since last week!Kelly!Yes I will be back! And yes we will EAT!!!!! :D

  • Mrs. Donato
    October 18, 2009

    now I'm craving bone marrow.great post!

  • anonymous
    October 19, 2009

    wow! always wanted to go to prune when i live in ny but the brunch lines kept me away..

  • Shivery McPickles
    October 20, 2009

    I have been so desperate to go here since we moved to NY. I'm going to have to finally bite the bullet. Anyone who serves radishes with butter and salt as a bar snack should really be getting my money more regularly.

  • anonymous
    October 28, 2009

    I just must visit that place, looks fabulous.

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