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Until last Sunday, Kanoyama held a steady spot on my never-ending list of places to visit “one day…some day…”. Despite it being located two blocks from my apartment, I never got around to it, mainly because of the prices. It’s not expensive for a sushi restaurant by any means, but for the price, I’d rather put out a bit more and go to Sushi Yasuda.

But then one day, about a month ago, I spotted a sign for an early bird special posted in the window. $15! For quite a bit of food, and a nice selection. It was the sushi special that intrigued me, so last Sunday, Steph, Shann, and I headed over for dinner. We slid into a comfy booth at 5:00pm, and I couldn’t help but feel like an old lady…don’t remember the last time I had dinner this early!

We all ended up ordering the same special with the same entree. Go figure – after living together for so long, our tastebuds must be aligned. The meal starts with a bowl of miso soup…

…then dishes of hijiki, salad with carrot-ginger-miso dressing, and an “entree” of shrimp tempura. If shrimp tempura isn’t your thing, you can also pick from vegetable tempura, grilled salmon or shumai.

And then you get six pieces of California roll. Say what you will, but I have a very soft spot for California rolls. Or any rice + avocado combination for that matter ;)

And finally the sushi, pickles on the side. From left to right: Tobiko, Salmon, Fluke, Tuna, and Shrimp. They clearly don’t reserve the best quality fish for this early bird special, but that’s understandable – you can’t expect to receive the best for $15. But it was not bad at all…though it made me miss Hawai’i sushi…cheap and good.

Sometimes I think I ought to refrain from eating sushi in NYC. Makes me miss home every time I do!

For dessert: pineapples and cream. An odd combination, but simple and fresh. I was however, secretly hoping for a bowl of green tea ice cream, heheh ^_^

175 2nd Avenue
New York, NY 10003
(212) 777-5266

  • K and S
    July 23, 2009

    miss california roll when I am in Japan :( this bento looks ono!

  • Gar
    July 23, 2009

    It doesn't look like a lot of food (for a dinner bento) and yea, pineapple and whipped cream as dessert is kind of cheated. At least a small scoop of match ice-cream por favor. :)

  • SicklyBug and Cassaendra
    July 23, 2009

    Hi Kathy,Looks good for the price. The soup spoon and platter looks cool! Seeing that list, I would have made a beeline for the unagi. It's 4 a.m. and now I'm hungry! Wah!- C

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