Friday Night, Saturday Morning

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This cheese, Jasper Hill Bayley Hazen Blue, is now a Friday night tradition. The first wedge came about at the movies with a bottle of wine. And the second, with cups of tea during that horrid bout of laryngitis. But we’re back with the wine this week…

…one particular red that pairs beautifully with the cheese. Zubair is obsessed with this wine – it’s the same one we brought to the movies. This pairing is even better when eaten and drunk indoors while it is pouring rain outside. Such was Friday. We left only for a brief pizza jaunt at Spunto’s and sweets at Rocco’s, post to come later.

The weather was much nicer Saturday morning. What better way to celebrate than with a stroll through the Greenmarket and a quart of strawberries ^_^

Happy Sunday!

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  • K and S
    June 8, 2009

    that quart of strawberries looks so good!

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