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He tapped me on the shoulder Sunday afternoon and inquired, “would you like a ball of burrata?”

“Of course!” was and always will be my answer.
He disappeared out the door and returned minutes later. His right hand held a bag from Murray’s Cheese. We slid the burrata into a bowl and downed it all. Two spoons. Simple, fresh, and utterly luxurious.

“How many calories do you think that was?”
“Don’t ask.”
We settled in for a late afternoon nap.

Murray’s Cheese
254 Bleecker Street
New York, NY 10014
(212) 243-3289

  • K and S
    June 1, 2009

    I wonder if I can find some here, sounds delish!

  • Sasha
    June 1, 2009

    Haha, how romantic!Looks yum.

  • anonymous
    June 1, 2009

    Jeez so sensual! You could be the next Gael Greene! Seriously! By the way, sounds like you are very lucky :)

  • yutjangsah
    June 1, 2009

    it’s got calcium. builds healthy bones.

  • Yvo
    June 2, 2009

    You make me really really really want to try burrata. Really.And almost want my man to be more foodie inclined. Almost.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    June 3, 2009

    Kat!If you can, you must get it!!! It's by far my favourite cheese ^_^Hey Sasha!Heheh, tastty :)Hey Julie!Bwhahaa, thanks! :DHey Yutjangsah!Whats not to love? :)Yvo!bwahaha, you gotta get your hands on some burrata! Murray's has my favourite, but DiPalo's is also pretty awesome.

  • anonymous
    September 16, 2009

    Hi! Long time reader, rare commenter ;). I remember reading this post and obsessing over burrata. I didn't think it would be found in Honolulu, but I found it last night at Whole Foods! It's probably not as fresh as you can get it. It's sitting in the fridge, waiting to be devoured.

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