Summer Involves…

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…gelato at all times on all days. It’s a blessing/curse that I live but a two-minute walk from Il Laboratorio del Gelato on Orchard Street. Priced at $3.25 for a small serving, cravings are easily satisfied at a tiny price. Flavours rotate on a frequent basis, insuring that boredom flavour repetition is far off the horizon.

Below, a half-dozen summer gelato shots. If the gelato comes in a cone – then you may automatically deduct that it is my order. I have Il Lab’s gelato no other way. If you spy a red watch in the photo, that would be Robyn’s gelato. All others in a cup belong to my dear roommate Shann.

Pistachio and Amaretto Crunch

Raspberry and Chocolate-Hazelnut

Black Sesame and Espresso

Strawberry and Mint Chip

Malt and Fig

Green Tea and Vanilla

Il Laboratorio del Gelato
95 Orchard Street
New York NY 10002
(212) 343-9922

  • tamakikat
    November 30, -0001

    Hi there.Those look delish!I think I’m going to get an icecream photo and frame it.TK

  • K and S
    July 25, 2008

    at first, I thought you ate all of these in one sitting…wouldn’t that be fun though??

  • anonymous
    July 26, 2008

    Oooh! Black Sesame and Fig sound interesting!Gelato, sorbetto were missing at Sunset in the Park at Makiki. We left as "Evan Almighty" started, but we looked at the crafts and cheered the kids climbing the "rock" wall.We shared a mocha freeze Slush Puppie: ham & cheese crepe:

  • SicklyBug & Cassaendra
    July 27, 2008

    Hi Kathy!Wow, they all looked delightful! I’d especially have to try the green tea and vanilla first, then the amaretto and pistachio next as they are my favorite flavors. Then I’d go down the list to experiment… :) I don’t know how you stay so thin with temptation lurking at every corner! – Cassaendra

  • Punap
    July 28, 2008

    Summer definitely involves ice creamn! Too bad (or fortunately, I’m not sure…) I don’t have as awesome ice cream shops nearby as you do; guess I have to wander to Helsinki and try that one Italian place finally… After those photos I so want to! :D

  • Kathy YL Chan
    July 28, 2008

    Hey Kat!LOL – give me enough time…and I could probably eat that all in one sitting! ;)Hey Tamakikat!no better photo than an ice cream photo, hehe! ^_^Hey Soos!Oo I didn't know they held Sunset in the Park in Makiki! Man, I've only been gone, and already I've missed out on so much! The ham & cheese crepe sound extra tasty! :)Hey Cassaendra!Lots, and lots of walking around must burn off at least 5% of the gelato, no? heheh ^_^Hey Punapaa!It might actually be more fortunate that you don't have an ice cream shop nearby…it's much to easy to give into daily temptations! o_O!

  • Hedonist cat
    August 3, 2008

    I’m a huge gelato fan, and I’ve been living in the burbs where all this stuff is new. If I wanted a gelato fix, I’d pop out my gelato maker and spend hours making some. Recently, my local NewSeasons store began carrying gelato locally made. For two bucks, I can get a small (good size) with as many flavors as I like.The gelato word hasn’t hit hard out here in the burbs where Costco ice cream is considered spectacular.

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