Abraço, RED BIKE, and Ippudo!

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Am off to pick up laundry in a minute, but…today’s (un-work-related day) was quite exciting – I want to make a quick post at the very least. Don was running a tad late for our meeting on 6th Street, so I popped in at Abraço for an espresso macchiato.

Barely a minute after I stepped in, the door opened once more and I spotted a familiar face – it was John! Yay! He carried a plastic bag, the contents of which Jamie proceeded to use in creating a Shakarati, a wondrously sweet shaken concoction of espresso and amaretto. This photo was taken a minute after the drink was poured into the glass, but I wish you were there to see it the moment Jamie poured it out of the shaker, and watch the three distinct layers unravel into the clear glass. The foamy head and two tones of brown layered beneath. I’d gladly have a Shakarati replace my morning espresso…though I dare not show up to work sloshy, no? ;) Don arrived five minutes later and we stayed for a bit more. Leaning against the counter, I listened to the conversations around me, did less of the chatting and more of the musing and silent marveling over the macchiato. It was funny. Since busy season started, I’ve rarely had the opportunity to see the sun on a weekday, for we don’t take lunch breaks and the office room is sadly windowless. So the opportunity to be in the East Village on a Tuesday afternoon, warm drink in hand, good company, far from computer screens and excel documents was kind of…crazy, ridiculous? All of the above? Awesome.

Don and I parted ways with John soon after, and headed towards the bike shop, just one street south. Bike shop, you say? Yes, Yes!! After a bit of hem-hawwwing, and much convincing on the part of Don, I decided the time was ripe for purchasing my first bike. It’s a red bike, as you can see ^_^ white handles and a kyoot little seat. The weather is warming up, so as soon as I figure out how to use this crazy U-lock and get a basket to hold snacks and loaves of brioche, I’ll be biking my toosh all over the city!

Abraço? Check. Bike? Check. It was time for lunch! We walked west to the recently opened ramen shop, Ippudo, on 4th Ave and 10th Street.

The interior of the restaurant was larger than I expected, dimly lit, almost so soothing that I wanted to slip out a mattress and indulge in a little post-coffee/pre-lunch nap. We were seated side to side at a low counter table, on soft beige chairs with support on the back and right (or left) of the person. Such seating arrangements encourage, and is rather conducive to getting chummy with your dining partner. However not so functional when you keep on bumping into one another’s elbows mid ramen-slurping…

Three types of ramen are available, Shiromaru New York, Akamaru Modern, and the Karaka-men. I had the Shiromaru New York, the most basic option, “original recipe tonkotsu soup with stewed pork, cabbage and scallion.” I’ve never paid $13 for a bowl of ramen before, so it was natural to have high expectations at that price. The broth was gorgeous, full and fatty just so, rich to the tongue. The serving size? Massive. Perhaps overly so, but that’s just me…must always leave plenty, plenty room for dessert ^_^ Also massive in size was the serving spoon, which could easily hold three times more broth than a standard soup spoon! The toppings were skimpy at best, with two thin slices of pork, granted it was indeed awesome pork, extremely tender and sweet. But I’ve still yet to encounter the pork that comes close to the magic that is Yotteko-Ya back home in Hawaii. That, now that, was seriously what one would deem effortless meat. Slices of buttery pork plucked from steaming broth, dappled onto the tongue and in the second you dare bite, the pork melts. I swear. It melts! Onto your tongue, all over your mouth…some crazy swooning meaty estacy. Ahhh. Goodness. Yah. I’ve yet to meet that pork in the city. Don’s Karaka-men had the same broth with the addition on “spicy meat sauce.” See his photo here for a close-up of the noodles. But I will be back to Ippudo the next time ramen cravings hit or on the next rainy day, for Yotteko-Ya, is sadly a tad too far for lunch.

Make it a complete lunch for an additional $3 – you have a choice between roast pork or mentaiko over ice. I went with the mentaiko while Don did the roast pork. Cabbage and squiggles of sweet mayo with a dollop of mentaiko. Both versions hovered on the tasty end of standard, though the ramen portion itself was so enormous, that I was too full to enjoy the rice dishes for all it was worth. Didn’t stop me from polishing it off though, heheheh.

Okee dokes, well happy Tuesday – better go get my laundry before I forget! Hope the week is going dandy for everyone :)

86 East 7th St
NY, NY 10003
(212) 388-9731

Busy Bee Bikes
437 East 6th St
NY, NY 10009
(212) 228-2347

65 4th Ave
NY, NY 10003

  • anonymous
    November 30, -0001

    Man every time you posted about ramen, my desire to get my hands on one ESCALATES!! sadly there’s no good ramen stores in Perth(well haven’t found one that is)… recently discovered one that’s run by a Chinese lady (n the broth was NOT EVEN THICK/RICH/CREAMY … it was CLEAR n let’s not talk abt how it tasted – MAJOR disappointment!!!! :( ) I seriously MUZ visit NY one day, after Paris of course lol!!Cool, a new bike … hrmm… does that mean we’ll be seeing posts of food from other regions of NYC!! lol have a great day!! p.s.: busy bee bike is the first NON-FOOD related address u provide right?! hehehe

  • anonymous
    March 26, 2008

    The ramen looks so good! I read that they’re not open till March 31st, so they’re open to the public? I can’t wait to try them out! My favorite is still Ramen Setagaya though!

  • Yvo
    March 26, 2008

    Ramen Setagaya isn’t that far and is cheaper… and tastier if you like shiro broth… :)I reviewed both Ippudo and Ramen Setagaya on my site, if you want to take a peek! Yum, Abraco… and the bike is awesome too!

  • K & S
    March 26, 2008

    Ippudo is quite famous here in Japan! Never tried it though, guess I should :) Glad you had a day to enjoy yourself!

  • Darien
    March 27, 2008

    yummmy!!! glad to see you got your bike…see you in a few days :)

  • anonymous
    March 27, 2008

    mm….i love ramen. that’s also where i bought my bike- we should go on a ride down the west side highway and have a picnic. gotta stop at east village cheese on the way ;)

  • anonymous
    March 27, 2008

    I finally made it to Abraco over the weekend and I loved it! It’s surprising that despite the often brusque nature and anonymity of the city, once you step into the small space, everyone just relaxes and patiently waits to be served – with a smile, no less! I actually never learned how to ride a bike because my parents were horridly protective of me hurting myself when I was growing up and I just never had a chance to. But I have been thinking of learning for a while. Good for you, though…and BONUS….discounts at Build a Green with a bike! ;) Enjoy the week!

  • anonymous
    March 28, 2008

    hah cool bike! and that ramen looked wonderful! Lucky you have some excellent ramen shops in NY. I’m not sure if you heard, but Sekiya’s closed down about a month ago due to ekoli poisoning 0_0. They’ve just recently reopened and have posted a sign “Come in we’re open! (At own risk)”!!! Crazy! Only the die hards have gone back :(. Not me.lol.Well hope you get to see much more sun and visit Hawaii (its extremely hot here).Take care,LaurenPS. Please don’t forget to send me a list of “to try” restaurants :). Domo!

  • anonymous
    March 28, 2008

    wait, so if you’ve never paid $13 for ramen, does that mean you have not had momofuku ramen yet? because last time i went, it was $14. even at the steep price, Ippudo looks interesting!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    March 29, 2008

    Hey Wonders!They are definitely open to the public – just with limited operating hours till the 31st, I believe. I’ve still yet to visit Setagaya…will go soon! :)Hey Yvo!OOoo man, I REALLY need to go to Setagaya – I’ve only had ramen twice since I’ve moved here (at Ippudo and Santoka)…there’s too much to eat, haha!Hey Kat!Mmmm, that was indeed one very, very good day! :)Darien!Ahhh, so good to see you last night! We’ll dinner tonight, and abraco & dim sum tomorrow, yah? ^-^Olivia!Aw awesome, bikes from the same shop! The guy there is soo kind! Picnic for sure when the weather warms up: baguettes, cheese, and dessert? hehehee ^_^Hey Cheryl!Awww, am so happy you enjoyed Abraco!! It really is a great addition to the neighborhood, isn’t it? Stepping through the glass doors, into the orange glow sometimes feels like another (delicious) world! I haven’t ridden a bike in at least three years now…so am quite rusty, hehehe ^_^Hey Cecilia!haha, I do believe that’s the first non-food address I’ve posted, good eye! :)Hey Lauren!Ohnooos! Sekiya’s CLOSED?! ::weep::Man, there’s so much about Hawaii food I haven’t kept up to date with…can’t wait for a visit home. Will get that list to you shortly! :)Hey Danny!Never had ramen from momofuku or setagaya for that matter…I’m starting to feel left out! haha :)

  • anonymous
    July 24, 2008

    Good Job! :)

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