Where Did the Time Go?

Sunday, February 10, 2008 14comments No tags Permalink 0

I have no clue! :(
I about…say oh, twenty restaurants behind in posting?
Must run out for my Sunday Cave Day…
I’ll leave you with photos from a dinner party at Don’s last night! :)

For seven very delicious hours we nibbled/devoured a gorgeous hunk of pork belly…

…with a wide cheese assortment! Since getting to know Don, my cheese, pork, and cocktail intake has increased about 10,000% making life all the more tasty. My tummy is a bit plushier, but alas, it’s a small sacrifice in the name of good food.

With cheese must come baguettes, and oh yes, there were more baguettes than you could imagine.

Don’s friends brought over a fantastic bottle of olive oil from a recent trip to Spain, which we feasted on with baguettes and maldon salt. On the right is sherry vinegar.

A few glasses of wine in, someone decided it was time for cocktails. As I’ve gotten to know myself better, I find that it is difficult for me to say ‘no’ to cocktails. Luckily, I have pretty high tolerance and don’t turn all red, whew!

While we devoured perhaps a bit too much cheese (most of us were already stuffed before the real dinner came!), Don was busy on the marinade for spicy Korean ribs.

Getting ready for the oven. As I took this photo, the scent of the ginger, green onions, Korean pepper paste and even more pepper flakes, wafted ever so seductively towards me, and I swear, if I had just a tad less restraint, I would have picked up the raw ribs and gnawed it down right there.

But I waited and was greatly rewarded when the ribs went out the oven and were finished over charcoal in the back lanai, imparting that wonderful crazy crisp char. Goodness, I had forgotten just how much I love, love, love ribs! What made me happier was that everyone simply pushed utensils aside and make good use of their fingers. Jezzzus it was awesome, the best part was when I tore off a huge chunk of meat and watched all the steam rise from the end of the bone – like a magic show, only tasty! :)

Ian made an awesome spicy sausage lasagne with mozzarella, ricotta and parmesan. Don went around and grated mountains of aged parmesan over everyone’s dishes. drooool. I was a lasagne-addict growing up in Hawaii, but it just occured to me, two bites into the dish, that it’s been over a year since I’ve had any lasagne! ::sigh:: Time flies. But all is healed with good lasagne? I sure hope.

A simple salad with vinegar and oil to balance everything out. It was ridiculously refreshing in light of all the rich dishes leading up to the salad.

For dessert, we made baklava…above are almonds, walnuts and pistachios. Don toasted the nuts over the stove, ground, and then blended them with a touch of sugar.

We did not skimp on butter! Four sticks, making for pound of butter were employed to ensure each and every layer of phyllo was liberally doused in goodness.

Don did most of the actual work…but I attempted to help with the assembling, heheh.

Six layers of phyllo, followed by a generous layer of the ground nut mix, three layers of phyllo, more nuts…repeat, repeat. Set out to chill, then cut and bake off!

Out of the oven, right before a fragrant pour of warmed cinnamon-infused honey with orange zest.

Ahh, this photo does not do the final product justice! I tucked away three nicely sized squares and triangles before deciding I should stop while I’m ahead…

And because you should never have only one kind dessert when you can have two! Don boiled a can of sweetened condensed milk to make dulce de leche…he did a rather elaborate experiment a while back, boiling eight different brands of sweetened condensed milk for varying periods of time (2, 4, and 12 hours), making for a total of 24 cans. See his results here.

We put the many baguettes to great use, warmed them back up in the oven and made impromptu baguette + spoonfuls of dulce de leche + maldon salt sandwiches!

To end the night, more cocktails, a few rounds of tennis Wii and smiles all around :)

Full set of photos from dinner on Flickr :)

  • anonymous
    February 10, 2008

    oh.my.god. that looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • K & S
    February 11, 2008

    what an awesome foodie party!!!

  • KirkK
    February 11, 2008

    Man, that’s a heck of alot of good eats!

  • anonymous
    February 11, 2008

    Everything looked so good…the baklava, ribs, and baguettes. Mmmmm :)

  • rowena
    February 11, 2008

    Aggg..about 20 posts behind? I’d better go on a diet before you catch up because I know I’m going to virtually fatten myself when you finally write up your restaurant forages.But one thing…I am really loving your posts on dinner at Don’s. It could spin off into a totally new blog, yep, Dinner at Don’s. Those ribs sounded just awesome!

  • anonymous
    February 11, 2008

    yum yum yum … oh I lurveee baklava too!! :) sigh…. how can you still stay so slim after eating all those food … i wish i was u!! :)

  • anonymous
    February 11, 2008

    Aloha Kathy,Wowza, not only does the food look yummy, but the cocktails look delish too. What kind are they? Have you had a pomegranate martini? MMmmmmmmmmm!Mae

  • anonymous
    February 11, 2008

    Oh my….homemade baklava. excuse me while I wipe this drool off my keyboard… This entry made me want to start baking again, so after work I’m going to make some cinnamon-waffle-bread pudding and a pistachio yogurt cardamom or this Turkish fig sesame cake I’ve been wanting to try. Seems you’ve been quite busy. Hope that work isn’t too all-comsuming, because then you wouldn’t be able to eat and then you couldn’t food-blog! Then what would I read at work?!

  • anonymous
    February 11, 2008

    Hey Kathy! Whoops..that last anonymous comment was mine and not some weird blog-stalker. Although I am weird. And I stalk your blog. But in a good way & only because I’m horridly bored at work. ;)Hope all is well!Cheryl C.

  • anonymous
    February 11, 2008

    Wow, all that food would induce a coma for me. Homemade baklava looks super impressive and tasty! And that dulce de leche looks awesome straight from the can.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    February 12, 2008

    Olivia!hehe, yes it was! sunday’s afternoon chat at your place was perhaps the nicest part of my day :)Hey Kat!Good food and company is all you need for any party :) Hope you’re having a great time back home!Hey Kirk!Oh man, you have no idea how full I was from the evening, lol! :)Hey Lori!…if only I had even more stomach space…then maybe we would have gone out for gelato afterwards, hehe :)Hey Rowena!lol, I think I better go on a diet! Have been living a bit to decadently (foodwise) lately…could you another salad or two…mebbe…after another square of baklava! ;) haha, I shall propose a ‘dinner at don’s’ blog to don! am glad you enjoy those posts! these dinners are truly fantastic, and you never know what he has in store! :)Hey Cecilia!Ooh droool the baklava came out soo well! crisp, nutty and not too sweet! as for staying thin? if we contine to have more dinner at don’s…dunno how long my metabolism can keep up! hehe, but I shall enjoy while I can! :)Hey Mae!We had a bunch of cocktails that night…Manhattans and Daiquiris are the two shown in the post…but man, can Don whip up some crazy awesome concoctions! Never had a pomegranate martini…but consider it on my must-try-next list! :)Hey Cheryl!Cinnamon-waffle-bread pudding?? I’m the one who should be drooling! (insert droool, and plenty of it!)Am more than glad to make your workday bearable, hehe! :) I’m on blogs and various food sites all day long to keep myself from falling asleep ;) you know, those excel sheets – just don’t entertain me enough, hehe :)Hey Danny!Oh jeezus, now you got me thinking…next time I’m home alone, am just going to boil up a can of sweetened condensed milk, chill out on the couch and dip pretzel sticks straight in the can! hehe :)

  • Ridonkulus
    February 12, 2008

    dulce de leche is just boiled condensed milk?? that just blew my mind. smearing it on crusty bread with a sprinkle of salt sounds delicious. but as there’s only one of me, and i should not consume a can of it by myself…

  • Kathy YL Chan
    February 13, 2008

    Hey Ridonkulus!You could always consume just half the can…but once you start, I believe it is VERY DIFFICULT to stop! ^_^

  • J. Lo
    February 13, 2008

    btw, there’s a baklava factory in brooklyn my friend katharine wrote a features piece about. you should check it out…she claims it’s the best baklava she’s tried (and this is in comparison to baklava she had in turkey).

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