Post Work Friday: Amy’s Bread

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I was pretty well worn out today after a long week of work. Early mornings and late nights made the week feel like one mighty slow blur. Sometimes I got the feeling I was moving in slow motion, going through all the mandatory steps but not processing much information. Nonetheless, Friday could not have come soon enough, and the fifteen minutes approaching my departure from the client site were perhaps the fifteen most exciting minutes of today, hehe.

Cake for allllll tastebuds: red velvet, carrot, devil’s food, black & white, german chocolate…there’s more!

I wanted to eat something good. But I did not want a full proper meal, as desserts and bread were all I craved. And I wanted to eat alone. I wanted to wallow in my own wallowy-ness and write in my journal and call my mom. So I did what any 21 year old in her right mind would do and headed for Amy’s Bread in the Chelsea Market. I’ve already professed my affection for this Market in my last post, for such a visit is akin to disappearing into a warm cave filled with deliciousness pouring out of every corner, every turn.

What’s in this case? Lemon bars, cinnamon challah knots, brownies, biscuits, and cupcakes!

I walked into Amy’s Bread not knowing what exactly what I wanted. The thing with bakeries is that I never quite know what I want until I see everything. And even if I come arrive with a general desire, my mind could easily be swayed by the sight of a fresh loaf of bread emerging from the kitchen, the delirious scent of warm chocolate brownies or even a suggestive hint from the lady behind the counter.

Today it was the Pecan-Apple Cake that called out like a siren. There were only two pieces left, and I made one mine. It was a luscious decision, perhaps the best choice I’ve made all week, both in terms of life and food! An incredibly moist wedge, tender cuts of apples tightly packed between pecan-laced, cinnamon-spiked batter, baked till the skin was crusty but the innards, near custardy! How can flour + sugar + fruit + butter + nuts amount to such bliss? Gah, I do not know, but I was very, very happy. If it was this fantastic at the end of the day, near closing, I can’t begin to imagine how swoon-worthy it would be straight out of the oven!

Extremely content with the cake and with curiosity still looming in mind, I went back up to the counter and purchased a Chocolate Sourdough Twist. True to its name, the slightly tangy tie harboured chunks of dark chocolate for a most welcoming combination of chocolate and bread. However, I’ve never had great success with the twists at Amy. While the flavour is excellent, it’s the texture that leaves me wanting. Though final product itself is far from tough, the twists are always too chewy and leave my jaw exhausted.

…Maybe I just need stronger jaws. Maybe…

The other day I had the Black Olive Twist, which fared better than the Chocolate Sourdough, with savoury bits of chopped Amfissa and Atalanti olives laced within the dough. Many other people seemed to be enamoured with these twists (in flavours such as Parmesan Cheese, Rosemary, Prosciutto & Black Pepper, and Seeded), but as far as my experience goes, they are simply ordinary and nothing more.

From the outside window of Amy’s Bread…fruits, cheese, a fresh loaf…a baker’s post-shift dinner?

But let’s end on a high note for the evening, because that’s how all evenings should end. Just remember the Pecan-Apple Cake and the cozy comfort of the Chelsea Market, and we shall sleep well tonight!

Amy’s Bread
Chelsea Market
75 9th Ave
NY, NY 10011
(212) 452-4338

  • K & S
    December 1, 2007

    this place sounds wonderful!

  • anonymous
    December 1, 2007

    i know just how you feel. After a long week, all I want to do on friday night is be by myself, eat something yummy I don’t ordinarily have the time (or let’s admit it, calorie space) to do justice do, then curl up and fall asleep.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 3, 2007

    Hey Kat!It really was – I bet you’d enjoy it! :)Hey Anon!I feel the exact same way on Friday nights, hehe. Now I don’t feel so bad about just wanting to be alone and eat something good by myself! :) And sleeep, ahhh, very, very important!

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