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Sorry I haven’t posted anything this week. Training is craaazy. Classes run from the wee hours of the morning till 7pm, so we (all 300 of us) are super pooped by the end of the day. Food? They’ve got breakfast, lunch, and dinner covered (as well as dessert, snack, and far too much coffffeeeeeee). I have not taken any pictures of the food, even though it is surprisingly good, because, I would like to make friends and don’t want my colleagues and instructors thinking, “who is that odd girl who insists on photographing dining hall food?” I hope that’s a good enough reason!

Anyways, training has taught me a whole bunch of stuff already – and not only in accounting! Classes can get boring at times, especially if you’re sitting on your okole for five hours at a time. Not only do you get eye strain from staring at the computer, you also get butt strain from not standing up! I’ve mentioned before in this blog that I do not like to drink. Anything. Aside from: water, tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and the occasional root beer (or pepsi)! I thought training would be like school: classes in the morning, and studying at night.

But apparently this is not true. This is very not true. I’ve recently been introduced to this idea of happy hour. And indeed, happy hour, and the hours that follow, are very happy hours. I’ll leave it at that. I will be here in the isolated suburbs of St. Charles, IL until then 28th, so I won’t have any normal food posts until then…but check back if you want to hear how training is going…last night I had the strangest dream about the client auditing process, walkthroughs and reconciliations – makes you wonder if they’re just trying to teach us accounting or to mess with our minds so that it’s the only thing we can think of all day and all night.

Off to weekend classes and community service now! I just had strawberry yogurt with muesli, watermelon, eggs and banana bread for breakfast. Awesome! And coffee. Cannot forget about the coffee. I’ll see you later on this week, and will be back with NYC food photos the week after. Have a super good day! :)

  • SicklyBug & Cassaendra
    September 22, 2007

    Hi Kathy~It sounds utterly boring and sad that there is no time to enjoy Chicago; so close, yet so far away! At least the food doesn’t sound quite so bad, just not as adventurous. :)Hang in there! – Cassaendra

  • shann
    September 22, 2007

    “I’ve recently been introduced to this idea of happy hour. And indeed, happy hour, and the hours that follow, are very happy hours.”BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHA

  • K & S
    September 23, 2007

    oh oh happy hour!! eh, you gotta stand up once in awhile, other wise you’ll get that “economy-class” syndrome thingy.Take care!

  • anonymous
    September 23, 2007

    Cheers, on the happy hour.”did you forget your name”….or whatever was the lyrics to that song.

  • anonymous
    September 23, 2007

    Ahhhh Happy Hour.FWIW at least you are having some very nice weather for IL. I on the other hand am back in HI :-))).If you have the opportunity you should go to Portillo’s and have an Italian Beef Sandwich (w/hot and sweet peppers) and a hot dog. I think there is one in St. Charles.Have fun!Alan from Makiki

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 25, 2007

    Hey Cassendra!We were able to make it over to the city for just one night – HOORAY!!! Check out the lastest post, I love Chicago! (or at least what I’ve seen of it…lol :)Shann!lol! Better said over phone…Hey Kat!lol, I know exactly what you mean…I SUPER LOVE happy hour, haha :)Hey Ron! Just can’t recall the rest of the lyrics at the moment…but I’m sure when I get real happy at happy hour, it’ll all come right back to me, and I belt it out nice and loud in your honor, hehe :)Hey Alan!thanks so much for the tip! We made it there (to the Chicago location even!) on Sunday. Soooo good! :) That’s one thing we don’t have in NYC! :) Will call the St Charles location to see if they’ll deliver to our training center…I still want to try the beef sandwich! Have fun in Hawaii – homesickness kicks in for me everyone in a while :)

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