Dofu-fa, Cookies, Cinnamon Sugar Brioche, Murray’s Bagels…and NO IKEA BED YET

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NO BED YET? The delivery man from Ikea came by today. I was having a really good day (mainly due to a really good lunch – am saving it for the next post) until the Ikea delivery man came at 1:30pm. Shann and I ordered a total of 7 pieces. Only 4 came. We are missing my bed frame, her mattress, and the thingy that holds up the mattress. Which means that I’ll be bed-less till Ikea decides to award us our furniture. Which means more encounters with these creepy bugs that bite. Yes they bite, and give you little red marks. It’s not pleasant.

So in great anger and distress I left the apartment in a huff and came down to Whole Foods for their free wi-fi. And to tell you about bagels. Most people in this city have their ‘favorite bagel’ place. I am currently searching for mine. My favorite when I was at NYU was Bagel Bob’s on University Place. But that was before I realized just how many bagel places operate in this city. So for now: I do not have a favorite. I am a bagel nomad. Many people call Murray’s their favorite. This oat bagel with strawberry cream cheese above is from the Murray’s on 6th Ave (they’ve also got an 8th Ave location). They put in so much cream cheese, it’s insane. And not insane in a good way. But insane, as in, literally, nutso kind of way. There’s honestly enough cream cheese for two more bagels. I love cream cheese, I really do. But this is a case of too much of a good thing. They don’t toast the bagel here, either. It’s supposed to be a testament to their freshness. But you know, when you eat a bagel the minute it comes out of an oven, it does not need to be toasted. Cause it’s super fresh and awesome. But once it sits out for an hour or two, it needs to be toasted prior to a slather of cream cheese. Granted it’s still fresh. And still a good product.

But it’s no longer crispy. The heat of the bagel is no longer present to aid in the gradual warming of the cream cheese. You don’t want super cold cream cheese. Nor do you want melted cream cheese. You want that in-between state. Which can only be found when cream cheese sits on a toasted bagel for approximately 30 seconds. Clearly, this is not my favorite bagel. As far as quality goes, it’s an excellent product. But for me, it is only a, gasp, okay bagel. I bet if they toasted, and cut down on the cream cheese by 50% I would looove this bagel. But they didn’t and they won’t. So I don’t.

Let’s talk about something I do love. This place right off Bayard in Chinatown offers some of the best food deals in the city. I come in the summer and in the winter. And I get the same product each time. In the winter I get it warm. In the summer I get it cold. And it’s only $.75 for a big cup! What is this mysterious product?

Dofu-Fa! teehee :) I’ve never met anyone who doesn’t like dofu-fa (and I hope I never will). Because it was hot today, I had it cold. It’s such a delightful treat and just the perfect size. The chilled ginger-honey syrup is packed in a separate container for you to pour at your desire. Pour it all one, I do, and spoon it up, one happy mouthful of cold sweet tofu pudding after another. Breakfast? Lunch? Something in-between? Any and all of the above. It’s the best $.75 you could ever spend.

Moving up and away from Chinatown, back to the East Village, let me introduce you to the chocolate chocolate (yes, the word ‘chocolate’ appears twice) cookie at Build a Green Bakery over in the East Village.

This baby is fantastic! It’s a big, flat disk. Crisp edges, soft and somewhat chewy innards. But most importantly: super chocolately! The chocolate chips in here aren’t just chocolate CHIPS. They’re more like melted shards/discs of dark chocolate. Just magnificient1 The wonderful thing about this cookie is that while it’s big and mighty, it wouldn’t leave you sick like eating a whole Levain cookie in one sitting will. Granted, the Levain cookies are much heavier, though not necessarily greater in circumference, but the fact remains. You can eat the whole Build a Green Bakery cookie in one sitting and still feel pretty darn good. Why, you just might have room for another dessert!

Now that I’ve brought up Levain Bakery, I should probably tell you about my breakfast there the other day. No cookie. But Cinnamon-Sugar Brioche.

It just looked so beautiful standing tall and mighty standing in a glass jar. But naturally, looks are more often than not, deceiving. And such was the case. The brioche dough was heavy and dry. Brioche is supposed to be light, buttery, simply heavenly.

But this was none of the above. There was such a thick layer of flour stuck to the bottom of the brioche, a knife would have been necessary to scrape it all off. The dough was simply folded with a thin layer of cinnamon-sugar. It’s browned quite nicely. Beautiful to look at. Not to eat.

I’m off to get an afternoon snack now. Don’t know where or what, but I’m sure it will be good. Dinner with Robyn at Grand Sichuan tonight, more phone calls to Ikea and I’ll see you tomorrow! :)

Murray’s Bagels
500 6th Ave.
NY, NY 10011
(646) 638-1335

Fong Inn Too Inc.
46 Mott St
New York, NY 10013
(212) 962-5196

Build A Green Bakery
223 1st Avenue
NY, NY 10003

Levain Bakery

167 W 74th Street
NY, NY 10023
(212) 874-6080

  • Charlie Fu
    September 6, 2007

    I hate ikea so so much. Those desserts look Droolarific!

  • anonymous
    September 6, 2007

    It seems like the best deals are always in Chinatown, no matter where you are, don’t you agree?

  • Darien
    September 6, 2007

    sorry to hear about your furniture problems… but i’m glad you finally found a place to live! looking forward to more nyc posts :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 6, 2007

    Hey Charlie!I’m with you on the Ikea point! They can’t seem to get anything straight :( lol, I’m getting my furniture from different places in the future! :)Hey Doodoolicious!True, true! I often can’t help but feel ripped off when I eat anything other than Chinese food, lol! :)Darien!you have to come visit! our apt isn’t that big, but it’s SUPER clean and really nice! :) see you thanksgiving? :)

  • elmomonster
    September 7, 2007

    I hate untoasted bagels too…it’s like the difference between bread and toast. And no one just eats just bread for breakfast!

  • cheesywee
    September 7, 2007

    cinnamon sugar brioche and bagel are making me drool right about now … your post actually reminds me that I have to go furniture shopping too for my new apmnt this year :) ikea sounds like a good idea

  • Kathy YL Chan
    September 7, 2007

    Hey Elmo!You couldn’t have put it better! Slice of bread does not equal toast! (no matter how good the bread is! :)Hey Cheesywee!Good luck with your furniture shopping! No worries about the brioche, that was a pretty lousy one, there will be better to come! :)

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    September 16, 2007

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  • Sylvia
    December 14, 2009

    What?! It didn't taste good?! What a suckfest. It really looks amazing!-SylviaAnanta Watches

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