Chow Funn on the Beach

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I had the most intense craving for chow funn this morning, and since it was well before 8am, I figured I might have a good shot at driving down to Fukuya’s before they sold out. I like the concept of local okazuyas: a wide variety for you to pick and pair your own lunch, whether it be five pieces futomaki, two rounds of potato hash and a side of hijiki or shoyu hot dogs and mochicko chicken.

Not the healthiest food in the world, but it sure it satisfying! The only downside to okazuyas (for me at least) is that they open just so darn early, and close at the most inconvenient hours. Pop in at an okazuya during an early lunch hour of 11am, and you’re likely to find that most of the good stuff has been sold for the day.

Well then, buy your lunch early in the morning and keep it with you till lunch time, you may suggest. But that doesn’t work out so well either. I like to eat my food as fresh as possible, and I’m quite awful at “saving for later.” I either don’t buy and don’t eat it. Or I buy and eat it right away. No sense in letting food sit around.

Back to the chow funn: I got this Chinese takeout box sized container for about $6, a bit more costly than other places, but if it’s good, it should be worth it. I then drove down to the beach, sat in the car and had chow funn on the beach at 7am. I don’t do this often, but it was so enjoyable, than I think I should make it a weekly excursion! Fukuya’s chow funn turned out to a lot more ‘wet’ than the norm, something which I enjoyed, but if you’re a fan of more ‘dry’ chow funn like my dad, then you’re better off finding another okazuya. A fair mix of veggies running from carrots, bean sprouts and green onions along with the occasional piece of char siu. I like how they make it more peppery than other places, and not too greasy (although a good sheen is necessary to secure that wonderfully slippery feel of the noodles in your mouth ;)

Fukuya Delicatessen

2710 South King Street

Honolulu, HI 96826

(808) 946-2073

  • anonymous
    July 13, 2007

    I too enjoy the “pick and pair” option, although, the total on the tab does tend to get expensive if you get too carried away. And yes, by the 11am hour, the pickin’s slim.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    July 13, 2007

    Hey Ron!I wish someone would open a 24 hour/late night okazuya! :)

  • Kat
    July 14, 2007

    I love Fukuya! It’s a little pricey but it’s really good. I like the nishime and my husband loves their mochiko chicken. Seems like everything we tried there is good! We live just up the road from there.

  • Madam Chow
    July 14, 2007

    OK, chow fun is my weakness. I’m so envious.

  • Alice
    July 15, 2007

    I am exactly the same about the need to have food fresh! If I buy it, you bet I’m gonna chow down right away! And if I’m too full to finish,”saving for later” is just not in my lexicon at all…so I dutifully stuff myself until I can no longer move. :)

  • KirkK
    July 15, 2007

    Hi Kathy – This used to be one of my favorite okazuya’s back home. But they were on the expensive side! I used to love the fried chicken, deep fried pork hash,…welll almost anything deep fried!!

  • Kathy YL Chan
    July 20, 2007

    Hey Kat!oooh, lucky you live so close! I wish I could just wake up earlier in the day…so I get there before everything runs out!Hey Madam Chow!hehe, isn’t it crazy how chow funn is such a simple food, but its just SO GOOD?? :)Hey Alice!haha, we do the EXACT SAME THING! It’s so hard to save food when you can eat it right when it’s fresh! And why wouldn’t anyone food at it’s freshest? :)Hey Kirk!It’s so bad how deep fried foods are so good! I thought $6 was really expensive for ‘just’ chow funn…but it was some pretty ono chow funn :)

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