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While standing in Ice Garden’s every growing line for shave ice today, I realized just how much I love living in Hawaii. The eternally sunny weather, crowds of families, grandparents with a trio of grandkids, each hugging a bowl of rainbow shave ice with mochi and vanilla ice cream and most of the all, the very warm, friendly atmosphere.

I typically head to Waiola’s for shave ice treats, but I was over in Aiea, and you’d have to be crazy to pass up an opportunity to stop by Ice Garden. Options are aplenty and all you have to do is announce the number of your selected shave ice at the register. It was no easy feat deciding between flavors, though I managed to narrow it down to li hing mui, taro, rainbow or strawberry in five minutes. A few minutes later, I decided that I also needed azuki beans, tapioca and ice cream with the shave ice.

And then just as the guy in front of me walked out with the most intriguing looking combo, I threw all my ideas out the window and said, “I’ll have what he had,” which turned out to be #7 ($3.77).

It was the best decision I made all day! An overflowing bowl of shave ice, no syrup and just lots of condensed milk, a generous scoop of mochi balls and a duo of homemade custard cups. I grew up shave ice-ing on a weekly basis, yet this was my first time having it was custard. The mochi balls were perfectly sized with just the right chew. Some places in the island make the balls too big, rendering the innards slightly undercooked, and others only throw in a few paltry pieces. The wobbly custard towers seemingly melted into sweet milky ice with every passing second under the hot sun, and the whole concoction was gone in a matter of minutes.

There’s only two very hard working ladies manning the place, and they do an excellent job of keeping the line flowing while managing small chitchat with customers, so be sure to tip them! :)

Ice Garden
99-080 Kauhale St
Aiea Shopping Center
Aiea, HI 96701
(808) 488-5154

  • anonymous
    May 21, 2007

    Always love catching up on the weekend posts and this here write-up on shave ice….wahhhh! I wanna go home! The temps have been blistering hot, I could probably cook an egg on the terrace but, uhm better not because the dog would have at it.Love the cool shrek-looking-dessert and your grandma’s lunch! What a refreshing looking meal!

  • anonymous
    May 22, 2007

    Man, I live in Aiea and am ashamed to say I have never been to Ice Garden. Will now make up for lost time starting with the #7! That looks sooooo good. Thanks for the push.Winnie

  • Robyn
    May 22, 2007

    WHAT THE HELL, CUSTARD AND MILKY ICE AND MOCHI, ALL [email protected]!#I cannot imagine such deliciousness while stuck in NJ. :(

  • Kathy YL Chan
    May 22, 2007

    Hey Rowena!It’s been so long since I last had shave ice, and yesterday was just the perfect weather for it too! I wish we could trade spots for a week – all I know of Italy is what I’ve read on your blog, and man it sounds wonderful! :)Hey Winnie!ohno, you HAVE to go! :)I’m always glad to push, hehe! Next time I go, maybe I’ll want to stop by Koa Pancake House in the same shopping plaza…pancakes and shave ice, woohoo! :)Robyn!oh man, you’d REALLY like this! If only you’d come to Hawaii!!

  • anonymous
    May 22, 2007

    nice post, I went there once or twice. it was very good. I’m in japan now, food is awesome here! and…all the writing on blogger is now in japanese. do you know how i can change that?

  • Chubbypanda
    May 25, 2007

    OMFG! Pudding ice! Want! Want!

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