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I wanted to visit Angelo Pietro’s since I read Ono Kine Grindz’s post a while back. Angelo Pietro’s is perhaps best known for their asian oriented salad dressings which can be found throughout the islands, all the way to nyc and even in Japan. It’s a Japanese-Italian fusion restaurant and the main part of the menu is divided into three sections: pasta, pizza, and gratins. All Italian based, cooked with Japanese flavors.

Complimentary bread to start. A soft french roll, sliced, served at a temperature that hovered between semi-warm and room temperature. I was told that they used to bake their own baguettes…but alas, no more :(

Shann and I shared the Raw Potato Salad ($6.95) which came as a massive and tall nest of raw potato strands twirled upon each other. The salad was indeed very light, crispy and refreshing. It had absolutely no taste or flavor on its own, which is why the waiter also brought out…

their salad dressings! From left t right is the Sesame & Miso, Ume, and Shoyu. I prefer these types of Asian dressings and vinaigrettes much more than “American” type dressings because they are much more lighter and I feel, “lift” the salad rather than weight it down with cream. My favorite of the trio was the Sesame & Miso a nutty blend of miso and ground sesame seeds with just the faintest hint of shoyu.

I opted for the Bacon & Natto Spaghetti($8.50) even though I don’t like natto very much. Why did I order it then? I was curious! And yes, curiosity would kill me and I just really really wanted to know what bacon & natto spaghetti would taste like. The spaghetti was tossed with natto and the topped with chopped bacon and nori. Surprisingly, the natto flavor was not that strong – it was more prominent texture wise, with it’s stickiness binding the bacon to the spaghetti and each noodle strand to one another. It was not till I reached the bottom of the bowl and discovered a mini natto mound that I realized why I was only experiencing the natto texture wise – all the soybeans sunk off to one corner and the very bottom. So I bravely took a chopstickful (we had spaghetti with chopsticks instead of forks)…and realized why I am not a great fan of natto. Hehe. I still enjoyed the dish though! Natto in small portions, I think that I like!

Shann had the Chicken and Spinach Spaghetti in Shoyu Sauce ($8.95). This dish fell under the make your own spaghetti section in which you pick the meats, veggies and a choice of sauce. Sauce options range from your basic tomato, cream, shoyu, and one more I can’t seem to remember at the moment. The shoyu sauce was almost like a light soup that would be used as a ramen broth. As you can see, the noodles were literally swimming in the sauce! Sautéed spinach and cubes of dry and overcooked chicken rounded out the dish along with the familiar flavor of garlic.

I don’t think I would come back here again, but I’m glad I did come just once to try the bacon & natto spaghetti! For these prices, there’s much better food to be found around the islands, whether it be Shokudo right next door or dim sum and Tai Pan. But I am interested in trying the many other Japanese fusion restaurants that have opened up on Oahu in the last few years. Will report back when I do! Enjoy your Christmas weekend everyone :)

Angelo Pietro
1585 Kapiolani Blvd Suite 110
Honolulu, HI 96814
(808) 941-0555

  • Chubbypanda
    December 23, 2006

    Pietro’s has a restaurant? I must try this!!!- Chubbypanda

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 23, 2006

    Hey Chubbypanda!I’m guessing you’ve already had their salad dressings? :) I’m think it’s chain, though not sure where their other locations are located…

  • anonymous
    January 5, 2007

    I’m part Italian, I lived in Hawaii for many, many years, and my husband is a Chinese Oahu boy. So, neither one of us is ignorant of fusion cuisine. That being said, in my opnion, Angelo Pietro’s has some of the worst food I’ve ever tasted. It is fusion done badly. In fact, during a second unfortunate meal at their old Kapuhulu establishment, my husband commented that was the worst meal he’d ever paid for. Their salad dressings, however, can be quite good!

  • anonymous
    February 22, 2007

    Kathy-san, I graduated from CMC and Emory University Law School before you were born. Angelo Pietro has been serving natto-bacon spaghetti for ages. Both my older son and I love it, but don’t get back to Hawaii very often. Wish they could do something to keep the natto from descending to the bottom of the bowl. I happen to love natto, but here in the culinary diaspora of Panhandle Florida I have to make my own, usually 3.8 kg/month. Since my wife (born in Tokyo but hates natto) is speaking at a conference in NYC for the next few days, we will probably make our own and dream longingly about about Angelo Pietro and all the wonderful and diverse cuisines of Hawaii and So. Cal. Be grateful you are so blessed, and study hard so you can succeed and continue sampling haute cuisine.

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