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Please make me stop. It’s final exam week (then back home to Hawaii!) and I cannot stop eating Donut Man’s donuts every time the clock strikes midnight.

Most recently I fell victim to an apple fritter the size of your head and the weight of a basketball. It is absolutely luscious. The golden brown crusty, crisp shell, so finely glazed, is pure sin, giving way to a yeasty interior. This monster of a baby is studded with more apples than your heart could ever desire and hint of cinnamon. And you know. YOU KNOW. With every bite just how bad this is for you. You can feel the sugar grease slipping onto your tongue, seeping deep into the interior of your arteries. Sitting there. Waiting to clog the hell out of your health. But man, when it’s hot of the fryer and glaze is still a bit wet, you just cannot stop. You cannot. And you should not. All regrets in the tummy the next day. But oh man, it was delicious while it lasted.

On a “lighter” note, I occasionally opt for the cinnamon cake donut. It is indeed light relative to the apple fritter. It’s a simple cake donut, honest and fresh and doused in a cinnamon sugar crumb mixture. Nothing to send a letter home about, but it’s a nice break from my 2055 page business law textbook!

Dear God, please let finals week be over. I think I’m going to kneel over in exhaustion soon. And my arteries will never forgive me if I keep on donut-ing at this rate.

Donut Man
915 E Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 335-9111

  • KirkK
    November 30, -0001

    “On a lighter note”!!!! LOL! Good luck on finals…though somehow I know you don’t need any.

  • Chubbypanda
    November 30, -0001

    Donuts are the perfect cramming food source. Sugar and starch for that quick burst of energy, followed by fat for the slow burn. You don’t need to stop, you need to eat more.- Chubbypanda

  • RON
    December 11, 2006

    best wishes on your finals

  • Eddie
    December 11, 2006

    and to think i’d be safe checking your site in the mornings…lo and behold, it’s breakfast!!!it’s as if you know when i check your blog now ;)apple fritters are awesome… but i eat them sparingly…

  • La Vida Dulce
    December 11, 2006

    Donut Man–oh man! That place is great.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 11, 2006

    Hey Ron!Sadly, I think my donut consumption rate this week is even worse than Homer! :)Hey Ed!Lol, I didn’t mean too! I promise!!! :) I too, should eat my apple fritters “sparingly,” as opposed to on a nightly basis. My arteries are REALLY angry at me!Hey La Vida Dulce!But I wish it wasn’t so addictive! (and so attractive late at night :))

  • Alice
    December 12, 2006

    Hahaha I’m on the same boat. It’s finals week here and I think I’ve consumed enough in one day to feed a small country. And I can’t stop myself!!! No self control. NONE.

  • Kathy YL Chan
    December 12, 2006

    Hey Kirk!Thanks – I think I may need the luck, I have a feeling all these donuts are killing my poor brain cells :)Hey Chubbypanda!”Eat more” – I appreciate your encouragement. It is you who I will blame when I return home obese! Man. I hope my parents recognize me at the airport :)Hey Alice!Seriously! It’s like NOTHING matters during finals week. You just eat and eat and nothing, no one can stoooop you! (even though you know you really should stop. now). But you can’t. It’s a fact of life. So enjoy it while you can? hehe, oh man. almost over. good luck!

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