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The Donut Man will hereby be known as the place responsible for my recent weight gain. You know how some people have beer bellies? Well I don’t drink beer. I have a donut belly. Or a croissant belly. Or bread pudding belly. Some kind of starchy belly.

I used to frequent Doughnut Plant in NYC quite often. Though I could never figure out why people raved about it so and so, I’d constantly return in hopes of experiencing that magical moment. Peanut butter and jelly donut, pumpkin donut, chocolate (Valhrona!) donut…sadly the moment never came. I do like their donuts, but at that high “gourmet” price, I’d rather head over to Claude’s for a croissant. Donut Man in Glendora, though, is a completely different story. My first visit was nearly a month ago, when peaches were gloriously ripe and tender sweet. Donut Man is primarily coveted his fresh fruit donuts where warm yeasty glazed donuts are sliced in half and stuffed high with slices of sweet peaches. Strawberries take center stage when in season. You get your hot dough, fried, practically melting into the soft fruity butteriness of the peaches. It’s divine. I forgot my camera. But I did not forget the taste!

But alas, peach season is all pau with and being the stickler about quality that the Donut Man himself is, we’ll have to wait for next year’s summer crop to bestow it’s bliss upon us. But in the meantime, I’ve been finding myself, courtesy of Julie and her car at Donut Man on random weeknights, indulging in whatever’s “hot” out of the fryer at the moment.

Just attractive as the seasonal fruit donuts are these wondrous Tiger Tails. Long and luxurious, yeasty soft strands of dough are swirled with melting lines of chocolate. Over a foot in length and delicate as fairy wings and tasty as heaven itself…be still my artery clogged heart! You must ONLY have the Tiger Tail when it’s HOT. Even if that means waiting outside for an hour…in the middle of the night…in Glendora…when you have Chinese homework due the next day. It’s your DUTY. Besides, they’re open 24 hours a day just for you, the least you can do is wait 60 minutes. You’ll look at the donut and think, “whoa man, that’s waaay to big for me to finish!” But don’t laugh. It’ll be gone in a minute. Just like that. And the best part is you won’t even feel the slightest bit heavy or greasy afterwards. That’s cause the man’s got a magic hand with oil! It also gives you no excuses to refuse a sample of the little cinnamon donuts bites they’ll most likely offer you.

Julie is fond of the Boston Creme donut. So fond that she couldn’t wait to hold it still for me to snap this picture. The inside was practically puffing with a soft pudding creme, so pure and decadent all the same. I haven’t sampled this one yet but I’ll sure take her word for it! :)
And if creme or chocolate doesn’t catch your fancy, look around. There’s a seemingly infinite number of choices…

It’s best to come late in the middle of the night, when it gets crowded and they’re churning out donuts like there’s no tomorrow. Come in with no preference and get whatever is being flipped out of the fryer. Get it hot, burn your fingers, no regrets.

Donut Man
915 E Route 66
Glendora, CA 91740
(626) 335-9111

  • RON
    October 8, 2006

    That’s a very delicious post to say the least, moreso, because in Honolulu, most of the family-owned bakeries have closed up shop after the baker retired. BTW, here’s a gesture of my esteem for your fine reviews. It’s been rumored (?) that after midnight, DM let customers create their own doughnuts. You might never come home. :>

  • Chubbypanda
    October 9, 2006

    Kathy,Donut Man sounds positively decadent, and certainly more healthy than one of those Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken sandwiches they serve at the LA County Fair. Yum! (The Donut Man delights, not the Krispy Kreme Fried Chicken sandwiches.)- CP

  • predictions...
    October 9, 2006

    Wow. My friend who’s from Glendora said that she’s had the peach and the strawberry donuts and that they’re good. She had no idea that they were famous. We have these shops like King or Sesame Donuts…which sound…interesting. I’m addicted to your blog…oh boy…

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 9, 2006

    Hey Ron!So true about Hawaii bakeries – it makes me sad to think what will happen in the next few generations as we get more “chain” shops and the little mom and pop hole in the walls fade away :(…so all we can do is support them while we can!PS. For real about the Donut Man after midnight?!…I just might have another sugary fried starch craving tonight! :)Hey Chubbypanda!FRIED CHICKEN & DONUT – in one? Holy cow, my arteries even hurt thinking about that…but I wouldn’t mind giving it a try! Just once. To see, you know? lol :)Hey Prediction!Yay! – I’m glad you like my blog. It makes me so happy when I learn that others enjoy reading as much as I do writing it :) The fruit donuts are INSANELY good. It’s seriously in the quality of the fruits (and the fresh donut of course!)…put the two together…and magic! hehe :)

  • Kat
    October 9, 2006

    Hi Kathy! That Boston cream donut looks diving and I love the name “tiger tail” for the donut you had! A quick question. My dad loves French bread, REAL French bread. He said he had a really good loaf back in Canada about 25 years ago (yikes!) and has been spoiled ever since. He lives on Maui where he’s limited to supermarket bakeries for bread. Can you suggest anywhere on Oahu where I might find really good crusty artisan French bread? I know you are a carb lover so I’m sure you have some fave spots for breads.anyway, if you can help I’d really appreciate it!

  • anonymous
    October 10, 2006

    You are so right. Fresh, hot donuts, whatever the flavor, are totally the best! Love this post…very lickin’ my lips delicious!

  • anonymous
    October 15, 2006

    ugh, i’m craving a donut now!

  • Kat
    October 16, 2006

    Hi Kathy! Hope your family was ok this past weekend with the earthquake and all. I was on Maui at the time and it was pretty scary! Anyway, hope all is well with you! Looking forward to the next post :)

  • Kathy YL Chan
    October 18, 2006

    Hey Mon!Go get one, go get one! hehehe, you’re soooo skinny you could eat a dozen and no one would notice :)Hey Kat!The earthquake was so unexpected, but thankfully no one was hurt. You must have felt it even more in Mani than on Honolulu! I was in SF this weekend and just got back – am promising you some delicious posts! :)

  • anonymous
    November 1, 2006

    Check out Giant Robot Issue 44. They have an interview with the Donut Man himself. Eric Nakamura(editor and publisher of GR) did a great job of doing the interview. If you don’t know Giant Robot, its a cool magazine on Asian Pop Culture and Art and Shoes and everything.

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