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Much thanks to Jenny who sent me the most exciting package I’ve ever received in my life! :) Pooh on the US Post Office who can never seem to do anything right. The package was sent out via 7 day shipping, but it never arrived until 3 weeks later as the post office had mistakenly sent it to another office. But I’m just glad it is here and (most) of the food is edible.
The highlight of the package was a book that I’ve had a sinful craving for (yes, you can crave a cookbook): Mario Batali’s Molto Italiano! Not only did Jenny send the book, she sent a hardcover edition. And not only was it hardcover, it was autographed by Mario Batali himself! Oh man! Oh man. This just about made me the happiest person in the world. And to think I lived right next to Babbo’s last year and never ate there (but I did have the olive oil gelato at Otto’s which is insanely good). I hugged the book for 10 minutes and then spent the next 4 hours reading though it. Sigh. I love reading cookbooks. I went to sleep with wonderful dreams of Osso Buco with Toasted Pine Nut Gremolata and Fried Lamb Sweetbreads. Ahhhh, can’t wait to cook all winter break!The book would have been more than extravagant gift itself, but Jenny went all out and sent my favorite brownies from all of the city, Fat Witch Brownies. Clockwise from bottom left is the Blonde Witch (choco chip cookie brownie), Java Witch (coffee brownie), Fat Witch (the original) and the Baby Walnut Witch (original w/walnuts). And on the right is a pack of their “Witch Brew”, a hot chocolate mix that produces a very creamy dark and decadent drink. As you can see I attacked the Baby Walnut first. I love these brownies because they are dense and fudgy. Some complain that they are too sweet, which is hard to argue but this is a good kine sweet! It’s a intense chocolatey sweet, similar to a flourless chocolate cake – you know it will cause cavities but its so good and just begs to be eaten. And so what can you do but eat it? hehe. After I took this picture, the Java Witch was consumed. I need to learn how to share desserts or I’ll die of a heart attack pretty soon. Next door to Fat Witch in the Chelsea Market is Eleni’s, a sweet shop specializing in all sorts of fanciful cookies. Included in the package was a tin of Eleni’s oatmeal raisin cookies. These cookies rock. They’re wonderful light and crispy, with just the right balance of raisins and the nutty flavor of oats. The shop also makes pretty good cupcakes ( they’re 1/2 off an hour before the shop closes). My favorite cupcake is the “George”, a brownie like cupcake with marshmallows and cookie crumbs mixed into the batter.
If the Post Office had done their job correctly, I would also been feasting on Apple Cider Doughnuts and Pumpkin Ginger Bread from Breezy Hill Orchard at the Greenmarket. But they didn’t. And so I don’t want to think about it because food gone bad makes me mad. The doughnuts and bread were all moldy but smelled so good. I actually tried to take a bite (talk about desperate). Bad idea. Don’t eat moldy baked goods!
Also from the Greenmarket were cubes of Maple Sugar, both plain and with pecans. These were great on their own, they seem to disappear in your mouth, leaving behind a faintly sweet taste of maple with a nutty undertone. They also made a delightful addition to my cup of tea in the morning. On the bottom is a package of dried figs from the grocery store in the Chelsea Market. I think I’ll incorporate them into my next rice dish, inspired by Robyn (that was some pretty awesome curry and rice dish you made!), with some spices and hazelnuts.

And that. That was all good. All so good. No, good doesn’t do it justice – I’m exhausted and happy in the best sense of the word. I felt like I just took a walk to all my haunts in the city and indulged in all my favorite sweet treats. Thank you Jenny! (We do a lot of co-cooking over the phone with Batali’s book over break)!

  • Robyn
    November 20, 2005

    Whoaa that’s quite a package you got! That would spell “snacking doom” for me, hehe. I’d love to try Babbo someday, or Otto…or both. I pass them a lot, but living right by them would nearly kill me! ;) I’ve never been to the Chelsea Market, surprisingly. God knows I’ve heard about the baked goods over and over again. …yeah, I need to go. I put figs in the rice pudding I made today! I wasn’t really crazy about the pudding, but the figs were good. :P

  • Kathy YL Chan
    November 20, 2005

    Hey Robyn – Ahh! you made rice pudding! I went to Rice to Riches soo many times…it made me very poor but I had a nice collection of their spaceship tupperware. You must go to the Chelsea market. Have a fat witch brownie. Then go to sarabeths for chocolate pudding and the thai place for a quick lunch…and then the italian market for cooking ingredients!I need to take a cue from you and start cooking in my dorm more often. Good job with the rice and curry dish you made the other day!

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