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27004350354_e2f406e746_cReady for a new edition of Tea at Three? ^-^

27250207173_923afccb29_cJo Malone London just launched the Rare Teas Collection. It’s a set of six scents, each inspired by a select tea.

27005466343_5d88d03640_cWe celebrated with cold-brewed teas (six types to match each scent)…

27541639591_975d7fd495_c…bowls and baskets of the sweetest strawberries and cherries and…

27581011016_f15e9e763c_c…Kristy’s madelines (classic and tonka bean-cocoa). Served with strawberry-rose compote.

27337785000_5da21c4252_cI often forget how simple and wonderful cold-brew tea can be, especially during summer.

Filtered water, great tea (thanks, Sebastian)…hard to go wrong. I steeped these right before dinner. Eight hours later, I strained and bottled them before going to sleep. The colors! So soothing.

27005467563_a52236e54e_cYou can see the full collection of scents here.

27515152552_23b0934dd8_cHere’s the pairing breakdown of scents and cold-brew teas:

  • Silver Needle with Silver Needle
  • Darjeeling | 1st flush Darjeeling from Margaret’s Hope Estate
  • Jade Leaf | Sencha
  • Oolong | Dong Ding Oolong
  • Midnight Black | 2nd flush Darjeeling from Namring Upper Estate
  • Golden Needle | Pu’erh Leaf

27541639281_f0d0f975ca_cMy favorite from the collection? Darjeeling, for sure.

27515144352_c31fd159f0_cAnd this Lie SangBong jumpsuit felt just right for a weekend afternoon.

27337783120_a987a0a131_cDon’t forget to check out the posts from Jee, Kristy, and Alice. Till next time ^-^

In collaboration with Jo Malone London

Clothing: Lie SangBong • Gallery: Blank Space • Tea: In Pursuit of Tea 


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27212954480_3c11cbe487_cI was in Seattle last week (first time) for a quick work trip…

26882133273_d0a349cb4d_c…our schedule was packed so I didn’t visit every place on the list. Saving Willows Inn, Canlis, and Salumi for next time ^-^

27035391901_cbe40949b9_cFirst stop, Top Pot for an old fashioned doughnut.

26499913313_30fd01aed9_cThe guy at the counter heard it was my first time there and said, “your doughnut is on us!” How sweet is that? Then…

Honolulu | Moana Surfrider | Keiki Afternoon Tea

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26653818733_24ae4197a5_cMoana Surfrider recently launched a new afternoon tea, designed just for keiki (Hawaiian word for children).

You know how much I love Moana’s classic afternoon tea. For the keiki tea, guests need to book a minimum party of five with 72 hours notice. It’s ideal for groups of children or families (adults can still order the classic afternoon tea).

26653816863_c2d0e04a86_cReady to enjoy? Select a tea from the regular menu (children can also opt for juice).

27190060061_be1ee89c7b_cSavories include…


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26807472866_5c348b8b69_cA trip to Singapore started off with a little detour…

26224306494_3d3cde6e83_c…to Narita (the city).

26224318584_8d1d2a7c25_cWhat was meant to be short airport layover in Japan turned into a 24-hour holiday in Narita…

26224314184_9940581d0f_c…where I made good use of time satisfying soft cream cravings.

26224311294_cbeac59823_cBlack sesame topped with crushed white sesame seeds.

26829617245_2d4e4bfb69_cDid you know Narita is known for unagi?

27099020091_57aaea8ca7_cAnd then, Singapore ^-^

I’ll warn you now. This is a long post. I treat this blog as a journal, a place to take notes and reference things, people, and places years down the road.

26560084020_c6089d31ec_cFirst, check-in at Shangri-La Singapore…

Afternoon Tea | Shangri-La Hotel Singapore

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26912715185_47ac02ae8a_cThe lobby of Shangri-La Hotel Singapore is gigantic. Big and small tables tucked behind columns and corners. Exposed or secluded, your pick. High ceilings, good light, efficient service…

26879295776_44a7648b06_c…and afternoon tea, of course.

26914948921_80ee1a0df6_cSelect teas from the regular menu…or for a little extra, one of the house infusions:

  • Blueberry-pomegranate tisane with rose petals
  • Peach black tea with fresh rosemary
  • Italian-almond black tea with elderflower syrup
  • Ginger tisane with orange peels
  • Green tea with jasmine and pandan (pictured)

Afternoon Tea | Anti:dote at Fairmont Singapore

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26793609842_8d5f6ae398_cTea for two on Sunday afternoon…

26853226586_7e85122ca3_c…inside Anti:dote at Fairmont Singapore. Tea service (featuring TWG) here starts earlier in the day. That’s a very nice thing because it means you can have afternoon tea for lunch. Instead of tiers, sweets and savories come in a drawer chest. But! Before you even get to that part…

26793606552_4321e52ebf_c…tea begins with your choice of a starter. Pick between scrambled eggs topped with Hokkaido uni, ikura, and caviar or…

Afternoon Tea | The St. Regis Singapore

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26793556032_666c1124ea_cRemember how afternoon tea buffets are super popular in Asia? Most hotels offer afternoon tea tiers and afternoon tea buffets in two separate dining venues (I’ll do a complete post on this soon). And the ones who offer it in the same venue usually allow guests to select between tiers or buffets. But at St. Regis Singapore, it’s combined…everyone gets three tiers and the buffet. Here’s the breakdown…

26793554112_ba96c5a6bd_c…first, pick your tea (TWG menu)…