Oolong Old Fashioned

Ready for a new one-minute tea-food/drink video?

So far we've had: matcha, matcha lattes, and lapsang souchong tea-cured salmon.

Today we present...Oolong Old Fashioned! It's like a regular Old Fashioned, but made with an oolong simple syrup instead of regular simple syrup or sugar. Brew the tea to twice it's regular strength (that means using the double the amount of tea leaves, not double the brewing time...otherwise you'll just get bitter oolong). 

  • brew 12g oolong in 1 cup of water.
  • mix equal parts brewed tea and sugar to make oolong simple syrup.
  • in the glass combine: 1/2oz simple syrup, bitters, and 2oz whiskey.
  • don't forget the ice. stir and drink up.

*Measurement typos in the video, will get that fixed soon! Use the written directions this post in the meantime.

P.S. Super thank you to Allen for all the video magic ^_^

Gothamist | 5 Things to Know About The Bowery Hotel


A third installment of 5 Things to Know About... for Gothamist ^_^


We're at The Bowery Hotel today...

...in bed with Bo the Bear. Bo is named after the Bowery and wears a proper bellman uniform modeled after the legendary 5 Points Bowery Gang. 


We can take him downstairs for a drink at the bar...


...and to the hotel's restaurant for this warm dessert calzone stuffed with ricotta and Nutella. Look at it ooze o_O.


Let's run back upstairs to the room. They do fresh baked cookies with turn-down service.


And then don't forget to brush your teeth! No cavities for us ^_^



Did you know there's an ice cream company that specializes in only tea (!) ice cream?


It's called Tea-rrific and they do flavors like Ginger-Matcha, Masala Chai, Lavender-Blueberry (with a rooibos base), Chamomile...


...and my two favorites: London Mist and Chunky London Mist. It's an earl grey ice cream with shards of dark Belgian chocolate and roasted pecans. Super potent flavors o_O!

How to Make Lapsang Souchong Tea-Cured Salmon

We have a new video ^_^

Remember Tea-Cured Salmon? We devoured that entire cut for breakfast with scrambled eggs and roasted tomatoes. Then we made another batch...along with a video.

We're keeping the videos under a minute (because even I start to lose attention after a minute). It's a simple dish. The only "hard" part is waiting for it to sit in the fridge overnight. I love the bold, smoky flavors that lapsang souchong tea imparts on the salmon. It's like making smoked salmon without doing any of the smoking.

Super huge thank you to Allen. These videos wouldn't exist without his talent ^_^