Magret de Canard

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24422317280_6f30c5799f_bDrinking tea makes me hungry. And because I drink/taste throughout the day for work, I end up snacking a lot. Often cakes and sweets…and duck! I keep duck breasts in the fridge, ready to be cooked in a few minutes. I serve bigger duck breasts for lunch and dinner (and sometimes do a lapsang souchong-crusted version) but these tiny ones (about 1/3 pound) are perfect for snack.

24691578136_cfbd0da880_bIf you’re in NYC, there are three good places to get magret de canard:

  • Dickson’s Farmstand Meats ($12.95/pound)- this is where I get the tiny duck breasts that are 1/3-1/2 pound
  • Eataly ($19.95/pound) – bigger duck breasts, about 3/4-1 pound each
  • Ottomanelli & Sons ($19.95/pound), Bleecker Street location – same size as Eataly
  • D’artagnan ($14.99/pound) – online shop and amazing resource. I’ve spent hours on this website for fun. If they had a store, I’d visit every day. They also have a ton of other duck products. You can get moulard (which is the one you want for this dish) muscovy, peking, and rohan ducks! Heaven.

Here’s how to do it…

Makings of a Tea and Dessert Pairing

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24031456056_2ca58f15bf_cA few outtakes from last week’s tea and dessert project with MW Restaurant. I sourced and brewed three teas (current loves…two oolongs and a matcha :) and Michelle created new desserts to pair with each tea. We did a bunch of tweaking and tasting the days leading up to the event…that was my favorite part. Tea is magical alone, but pairing it with food (from sweets to savories, cheese, etc.) allows you to showcase it under a different light. Thank you, Michelle, for being most talented and sweet ^-^

24031432436_72314dc199_cFirst, Mi Lan Xiang from Guangdong. The tea itself is robust and rich with clear honey notes (the name of the tea translates directly to “honey orchid”) evolving in every steep. To pair…