Tanimura Tango Chasen (Tea Whisk)

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16593968486_40550dbb36_cRemember the chasen/whisk that appeared in this post?

16619292212_20d35e6949_cI ordered it from Kathryn and Ai of Studio KotoKoto (and waited nearly six months for a new shipment). But it’s here and I love it.

16619290372_91f1858a86_cThe whisk is cut from a single piece of bamboo. It’s delicate and light, and naturally encourages you to focus when whisking.

16412639587_693077feec_cMine is the Souhenryu whisk with fine tines meant for making usucha/thin tea

16412639947_c6a874941c_c…and there’s one with thicker tines meant for koicha/thick tea.

16593967336_36681d444e_cI’m also thinking about this baby one for Nodate tea ceremonies. Next time ^-^

Hong Kong | Tea Lunch at Lung King Heen

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16281286320_2cfc33ce93_cOne of my favorite things about Hong Kong dining is that all great Chinese restaurants run exquisite tea programs. They do so without making a big deal out of it. It’s a show but there’s no excess. Every move in presentation and service, and every tea on the menu has a purpose.  It doesn’t feel like they’re trying too hard. It feels natural. And the tea is always steeped just right.

16442726286_af1c5298e7_cFor today, scenes from a recent lunch at Lung King Heen inside Four Seasons Hong Kong. Five courses from Chef Chan (neat tidbit: he was the first Chinese chef to receive three Michelin stars), each paired with a different tea from their house collection.

16281030048_3e7bf12654_c (1)To begin, a trio of dim sum:

  • Mushroom and chicken with Chinese yam
  • Shrimp with bamboo shoots
  • Shanghainese pork and crab dumpling

16282477679_42ac57679f_c…all with the delicate Fuding Silver Needle.

15848647343_3333ddeecc_cHere’s a look at the steeped tea.

16467772402_6d5bde2fd2_c (1)Whole abalone puff with diced chicken (and a sweet bolo bao crust!), and baked pork bun with pine nuts….

16467771442_088f5f53a0_c (1)…served with a Yunnan Supreme Black tea.

16282473749_e24e7088dc_cSteamed star garoupa with ginger and green onions…

16281289880_a452bcdcb1_c…with a Dongding Oolong…

16281290590_bb4fec6288_c (1)…from Taiwan, of course ^-^

16282828827_391b4d158d_cWok-fried Australian wagyu beef with morels…

16467767592_2647f8d742_c…and a 1999 Yunnan Pu’erh. The most heady combo! Pu’erh always makes me crave savory meats and mushrooms, truffles and cigars.

15846152744_f8a347fb25_cFinishing with sweet almond cream and egg whites (one of my all time favorite desserts!)….

16282469209_bc4a0e30ee_c…paired with a Shifeng Long Jing.

16281287380_4b5c43b76c_cA trio of sweets including osmanthus gelée, green tea roll, and lotus puff.

16468707605_275021d9a1_cAnd a final cupping of shou, sheng, and the restaurant’s house blend (shou and sheng) pu’erh.

Hawai’i Tea at Eleven Madison Park

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15767829576_b3a9d6806e_cThere’s a new tea on the menu at Eleven Madison Park…

16620537595_e0cc8bde64_c…and it’s from Hawai’i ^-^

15172065133_3b4e717d30_cThis is the newest harvest of the ‘A’a Black from Eliah and Cam…remember our visit? The leaves are grown on the Hilo side of the island, right on Mauna Kea volcano. All the processing (hand-rolled) is done right on the farm, and the tea brews up clear and vibrant. Just right for a New York winter.